Crowder & Company, LLC - Hybrid Lending Strategies


“Hybrid” meaning; a mixed capital stack of internal and external funds to also include, co-investment activities & strategic brokering

New Construction - Fix and Flip - Rental Purchase - Rental Refinance - Commercial

Lending Successfully Within The States, USA

Residential Investment Assets

Non-Owner Occupied Only, Investors Only

Max 80-90% LTC, 70-75% CLTV

Fix and Flip - Single Family 1-4 Unit

New Construction - Single Family 1-4 Unit

Purchase Rental - Single Family 1-4 Unit

Refinance Rental - Single Family 1-4 Unit


Commercial Investment Assets

Non Owner-Occupied Only, Investors Only

Max 75-85% LTC, 65-70% CLTV

Fix and Flip - Self Storage

New Construction - A&D

Purchase Rental - Hotel / Motel

Refinance Rental - Mixed Use

Since 2015 Crowder & Company, LLC, has performed on more than 450 Million Dollars of private real estate investor transactions within the United States




Crowder Financial, LLC - Private Capital GAP Services


Private capital GAP meaning; To structure capital from private qualified resources for further investment into private corporate activities

Real Estate - Medical - Agriculture - Infrastructure

Using a professional for many reasons is the right choice especially, for access to the right capital. There are things you should know when making valuable choices for the future of your company and future employees. Certain details such as; Structure, Place of Origin, Common Mistakes, Direct Connections to Valuable Resources, Quality Capital Sources, Cost Management…… And the list could go on and on… Save yourself the trouble and heartache, allow us to cut right through the madness and directly to the solutions you need to start, scale and/or otherwise add value to your goals/dreams. Our Founder has been developing strategic alliances with capital resources since 1996. Having raised over $1 Billion since then, we are ready and up for the task. We can make your dream a reality, setup a call today!



Crowder Development, LLC - Direct Investment Strategies



72+ Million Visitors 2018 - Fastest Growing Growth Nationwide

Home Of; Walt Disney World - NBC Universal - Seaworld - Atlantic & Gulf Coast Beaches - Hard Rock Casino - Planet Hollywood - ESPN Wide World of Sports - And More!!

Single Family Vacation Rentals

Copy of 200310310-001

Single Family Residences, Condo’s, Town Homes

Max 85% As-Is Cash Purchase

Value Add Properties Only

$100,000 - $5,000,000 - Min/Max Per Investment

Commercial Rentals

 Multi Family, Mixed Use, Warehouse

Max 80% As-Is Cash Purchase

Value Add Properties Only

$500,000 - $50,000,000 - Min/Max Investment

Raw Land Development


One or Multiple Parcels of Land for Further Development

Max 60% Cash Purchase (Raw Land) of Improved Value

Max 65% Cash Purchase (w/Structure) of Improved Value

$150,000 - $50,000,000 - Min/Max Investment