Single Family - Multi Family; Residential Developments - Condos - Town Homes - Apartments


100% Ground Up New Construction Funding

  • Up To 100% Funding of Vertical Construction Costs (85% LTC)
  • Up To 50% Land; Acquisition and/or Refinance
  • Max Funding: 70% ABV (After Built Value)
  • Rates: Starting At 8.99% 
  • LOC Style Interest Payments - Only Pay Interest For Money Being Used
  • 6-18 Month Term - No Prepay(s)
  • Origination: 2.25% and Up
  • Residential: $150,000 - $15,000,000
  • Commercial: $500,000 - $25,000,000
  • Close In As Little As 10 Business Days
  • Foreign Nationals Approved!
  • 600 Minimum Credit Score Required
  • Refinance & Hold w/ Our 30 Year Stated Loan Product - N.O.O.!

Builders should benefit from make-sense construction loans, too.

 Great benefits for the builders will include:

  • Easy hold-back guidelines
  • Flexible draw schedules
  • Easy builder approvals
  • One loan originator, one relationship, one servicer
  • Direct Lending, In-house financing for all deals
  • Transparent, up-front underwriting on short-term loans
  • Simultaneous close for lot purchases and interim financing if needed
  • Quick turn time on closings, within 10 days of receiving final contracts, plans, and specs
  • No third-party underwriters to slow construction loan approval processes
  • 100% funding options available!

Time is money for new builders. With a private construction loan, the builder avoids ugly and laborious tasks to get his investment off the ground!  Builders choosing private construction loans keep their forward momentum going and get to build a custom home or commercial investment property.  Builders benefit from an increase in new construction business from investors or home buyers tired of the exhaustive search for the ‘perfect’ existing house. Additionally, they become good employers that support the local economy.  In the end, everyone benefits by building a new community!

Up To 100% Cross Collateral Funding Available; may cover land, vertical & horizontal build costs, closing costs, interest payments during the term of construction and cash out at closing to start construction!  This means you may use equity in a commercial or residential piece of real estate you own to acquire 100% funding.....  Why let your equity sit there an not earn any money towards your future!


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